Join The Z-Lab!

Travel to some awesome places for field work.
Create even more awesome Hallowe'en costumes.
Learn how to blow some glass.
And do some great science.

If you are interested in pursuing some of the exciting unsolved problems in biogeochemistry with a great bunch of people using a unique set of experimental approaches and have a deep interest in climate change ... Then Join Us!

Potential postdoctoral fellows: Please send a letter explaining your background and interests and reasons for wanting to join our lab, along with a CV to

Prospective graduate students: Students in my lab can enter either the Geology or Marine Science graduate programs. Each program has its own requirements (e.g. courses, proposals, etc). Please contact me at if you have any questions or need help deciding which graduate program is right for you.

Undergraduates: We have some slots for undergraduate researchers interested in pursuing independent research projects in the lab. We expect undergraduates to devote considerable time to this endeavor, ideally over the course of multiple years. Please contact if you are interested.