Dr. Lori Ziolkowski, the PI,
PDF of her CV (July 2018)

Asks lots of questions.
Always up for a new challenge.

Natalie Tyler, GEOL M.S. student

Antarctic endolithic microbial carbon cycling

An Alaskan who is trying not to melt in our balmy SC weather!

Peyton Moore, MSCI sophomore

Climate change and public perception

About to do a semester abroad in the Galapagos!

Levi, the honorary lab dog

Likes saying hello to people and sleeping

Z Lab Alumni

Dr. Hongyu Li, Postdoctoral Researcher, now at ECI Pharmaceuticals

Bryan Benitez-Nelson, Part-time Research Technician, now part of the Lang lab one floor up!

Joel Bostic, USC Marine Science M.S. student, now at University of Maryland, NSF GFRP recipient

Drake McCrimmon, USC Geologic Science M.S. student, now off adventuring the USA

Emily Burch, USC Marine Science Undergraduate Researcher

Alexandra Holland, USC Geology Undergraduate Researcher, Now at University of Bristol (UK)

Christian Pullano, USC Geology Undergraduate Researcher, Now at Clemson University

Gracie Van Adzin: USC Marine Biogeochemistry REU

Jamie Clark: USC Marine Science Undergraduate Researcher

Emily Tibbett: USC Marine Biogeochemistry REU, now at the other USC in the Feakins lab.

Karlee Liddy: USC Environmental Science Undergraduate Researcher